Welcome. I'm glad you're here. Before I get into my story and philosophy...first, let's talk about YOU:

  • You’re a healer* or soul-based practitioner (i.e, reiki practitioner, yoga teachers, massage therapists, health and life coaches, therapists, artists, etc.) and are ready to deepen your soul connection, align with your higher self consistently, fully own your gifts and express your highest service to others.

* I believe a healer is anyone who has a deep soul desire to make a positive difference by helping people. Healers show up in all occupations and roles in life. 

  • You’ve experienced a deep soul connection and felt the pure joy of tapping into and expressing your soul gifts.

  • When you're connected you have full access to your energy, inner guidance, clarity as well as your true calling to be of service

  • However, you’re connection isn't always consistent so you often experience confusion, lack of focus and get stuck procrastinating and not taking action on your soul’s path.

  • The tension of not following your soul’s guidance is very uncomfortable. You may feel disconnected, experience self-doubt, a lack of clarity and inspiration. It's frustrating to feel you're not fully living the life you're meant to live.

  • You have difficulty maintaining your energetic boundaries and often put other people’s needs before your own.

  • You know the huge benefits of feeding your spirit and recharging but have a hard time being consistent.

  • You love the amazing feeling of being centered and clear after a retreat, yoga class or workshop but the feeling doesn’t last.

  • You have an active inner critic who’s quick to stomp on your desires before they get a chance to grow. You know this is getting in the way of your soul’s desire but haven’t been able to tame it on your own.

About Me

I’m Mary Ellen O’Brien, a Soul Alignment Teacher, Coach & Healer. I’ve developed the Soul Alignment Process and guide healers and soul-based practitioners to align with the frequency of their higher self consistently so they can fully own their gifts and amplify their service to others.

With a BA in Psychology and over 20 years of business experience, I have a very grounded approach to my work. Through years of extensive training, I hold certifications in personal coaching (from the Coaches Training Institute in 2002), intuitive counseling, reiki and have been channeling my higher self and guides for over 14 years.

My Story (why I got into this work)

I struggled for years going back and forth experiencing the amazing high vibration of being connected with my higher self and then the pain of feeling disconnected. I'm passionate about helping others avoid this unnecessary struggle. 

Now, years later, I know from my own experience as well as successfully helping others that it's absolutely possible to consistently vibrate at the frequency of your higher self. Only then can you line up with the full greatness of your soul's calling to help others in your unique way. That's true fulfillment.

I also know that finding consistent soul alignment takes commitment, practice and support to fully step into your divine power and greatest impact. There’s nothing more fulfilling then stepping fully into your soul’s work and making a difference. So many people need your gifts.

Are you ready to align with your soul’s work consistently? Schedule your free soul discovery call below. I look forward to meeting you!