Welcome, I’m Mary Ellen and I believe:

  • We each have a spiritual aspect of ourselves that some people call your soul, your higher self, your inner guidance, your divine self or your true essence.

  • I believe it's who we really are and when we awaken that part of ourselves we can tap into an abundance of energy, clarity, joy, wisdom and love.

  • Unfortunately, throughout our life we get disconnected from this true aspect of ourselves and live our lives coming from self-doubt and listening to our inner critic as well as outside fears and limiting thoughts.

  • My passion is waking up that part of you that's always available to be rediscovered. It's such a joy and honor to witness the shift in energy that happens as my clients connect with their inspiration and enthusiasm again. I know that true fulfillment is possible and would love to guide you to know it too. Not through concepts but through the proof of your own day to day life.

Awakening Your True Essence is a way of living so your heart and soul are in the driver's seat rather than your ego and fear. It's an energetic shift that allows you to tap into your inner guidance with clarity as well as receive support from the universe in ways that your limited self and mind can't imagine. 

Let's get started!