Welcome, I’m Mary Ellen O’Brien, a Soul Alignment Teacher, Coach & Healer. I’ve developed the Soul Alignment Process and guide healers and soul-based practitioners to align with the frequency of their higher self consistently so they can fully own their gifts and amplify their service to others.

In the Soul Alignment Process you will:

  • Experience Your Higher Self Frequency

  • Re-discover Your Soul Qualities

  • Amplify Your Inner Guidance

  • Disengage from Your Inner Critic

  • Strengthen Your Soul Connection Through Practice

  • Fully Own Your Soul Gifts & Express Them

  • Maintain Strong Energy Boundaries

  • Experience Clarity, Focus and Inspired Action

  • Contribute Your Highest Service

  • Receive Support from the Universe through Synchronicity & Abundance

  • Love Yourself and Others Unconditionally

There are 2 ways to work with me. To get started click one below: