I Believe…

  • We have much greater access to our true essence (soul nature, higher self, etc.), inner power, love, wisdom, creativity, clarity & genius that’s beyond our imagination.

  • When we consistently vibrate at the frequency of our higher self everything else follows.

  • We can’t control outside circumstances or people but we do have control over our own higher self connection. When we’re consistently aligned we attract ideas, people and opportunities that reflect our deepest soul desires. We’re not attached or controlling those outcomes, we’re trusting that the highest good will prevail.

  • In good times our strong inner connection amplifies our joy, clarity, synchronicity & abundance. In challenging times our connection amplifies our love, patience, wisdom & resilience.

  • At first our sensitivity to energy is uncomfortable and other people have the ability to throw us off our center and drain us. Once we align with your higher self consistently we can embrace our sensitivity as a beautiful gift.

  • Maintaining clear energy boundaries allows us to be more loving to ourselves and others (not less!).

  • The shortest path to our greatest joy & true fulfillment is strengthening our soul connection.

  • Once we experience a glimpse of this amazing connection we can’t settle for anything less.

  • If we can experience this profound connection once then we have the ability to experience it more of the time.

  • It takes commitment and practice to anchor fully in our higher self frequency so it’s our new set point. The benefits are profound.

  • We can experience this connection after a workshop, retreat or yoga class but until it’s a consistently strengthened muscle it will be sporadic and unreliable.

  • Once we tap into our own inner knowing our search for answers outside of us decreases. We can discern what outside information resonates with our inner guidance and empowers us and discard what doesn’t.

  • If we’re experiencing inner struggle, tension, push/pull or resistance it’s a sign that we’re not following our inner guidance. Another way to know it’s guidance is that as soon as we listen and act on it we experience relief and freedom.

  • When we cultivate our connection it’s similar to strengthening a muscle. We wouldn’t expect to be physically strong after one work-out. Once we strengthen and personally experience the amazing benefits it’s a knowledge we have forever. Even when we forget and get disconnected it’s even more uncomfortable than it was before and reminds us to return to who we are and what we know.

  • Receiving support from others is a strength not a weakness. There’s a profound benefit when another witnesses our true essence and reflects it back to us so we can know it more strongly ourselves.

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