The next Healers Circle begins Wednesday, October 2nd (a 2nd option that meets Fridays or Sundays will be added. Please let me know if you’re interested and have a preference for Friday or Sunday). See all the details below.

Before the next Healers Circle begins you’re invited to join us for the The Healers Expansion Sessions in July, August & September.

Also, for members of the current ongoing Healers Circles here are the dates: Wednesdays; 6/29, 7/10, 7/24 & 8/7 from 10am- 11:30am. Fridays; 7/12, 7/26, 8/9 & 8/23 from 11am- 12:30pm.

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The next 2-month Healers Circle begins:

Wednesdays; 10/2, 10/16, 10/30 & 11/13 from 10am- 11:30am

and a 2nd Friday (or Sunday) option will be announced

Calling all healers and soul-based practitioners (i.e, reiki practitioners, yoga teachers, health and life coaches, massage therapists, therapists, artists, etc.) are you ready to live from your soul consistently, fully own your gifts and express your highest service to others? 

Join us for the next Healers Circle, a powerful 2-month program to align with your higher self, fully own your gifts and amplify your service. This is my signature program and is only offered 2- 3 times throughout the year and always fills up.


* I believe a healer is anyone who has a deep soul desire to make a positive difference by helping people. Healers show up in all occupations and roles in life. 

When we consistently vibrate at the frequency of our higher self everything else follows.

You may have experienced a deep soul connection and felt the pure joy of tapping into and expressing your soul gifts. When you're connected you have full access to your energy, inner guidance, clarity as well as your true calling to be of service. It's deeply fulfilling to contribute your unique service and help others. Congratulations! 

However, this connection isn't always consistent. Once you’ve experienced this deep soul connection it feels even more painful to settle for anything less. It’s like you have your foot on the gas and on the brake at the same time. The tension of not following your soul’s guidance is very uncomfortable. You may feel disconnected, experience self-doubt, a lack of clarity and inspiration. It's frustrating to feel you're not fully living the life you're meant to live.

It's natural to experience some resistance as you expand and strengthen your connection to your higher self. However, it's not necessary to experience the prolonged tension and discomfort that comes when you continually get in your own way and resist your inner guidance.

I know this challenge all too well since I struggled for years going back and forth experiencing the amazing high vibration of being connected with my higher self and then the pain of feeling disconnected. I'm passionate about helping others avoid this unnecessary struggle. 

Now, years later, I know from my own experience as well as successfully helping others that it's absolutely possible to consistently vibrate at the frequency of your higher self. Only then can you line up with the full greatness of your soul's calling to help others in your unique way. That's true fulfillment.

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I also know that finding consistent soul alignment takes commitment, practice and support to fully step into your divine power and greatest impact. That's why I created the The Healers Circle. It’s taking you on a journey to energetically shift your frequency through action and experience week-by-week so it has a real and lasting impact.

Here's what's included in the Healers Circle Program:

  • 4 in-person group sessions. These sessions are designed to raise your frequency through a guided meditation, a transmission of healing energy, channeled guidance and discussion of a different topic each meeting (see dates and topics below).

  • 4 individual Coaching sessions with me, 50 minutes over the phone (or skype) or in-person in Cold Spring scheduled by you during the 8-week program. These sessions are designed to raise your frequency and support you in strengthening your soul connection. You’ll discover your unique soul qualities. There are assignments in between sessions so you can anchor the vibration into your day-to-day life.

  • Recordings of all of the group session meditations and the channeled guidance. Past participants report feeling the strong energy transmission even while listening to the recordings.


More About the 4 Group Sessions:

Each group session is held at a beautiful Cold Spring Retreat House overlooking the Hudson River and is limited to 10 people to maintain an intimate group setting. There's a profound benefit of connecting with like-minded souls in our lovely community. Participants often feel relieved and that they feel at "home" as we do this deep soul work together.

Wednesdays; Wednesdays; 10/2, 10/16, 10/30 & 11/13 from 10am- 11:30am

and a 2nd Friday (or Sunday) option will be announced

The topics include these aspects of the Soul Alignment Process:

  • Experience Your Higher Self Frequency

  • Re-discover Your Soul Qualities

  • Amplify Your Inner Guidance

  • Disengage from Your Inner Critic

  • Strengthen Your Soul Connection Through Practice

  • Fully Own Your Soul Gifts & Express Them

  • Maintain Strong Energy Boundaries

  • Experience Clarity, Focus and Inspired Action

  • Contribute Your Highest Service

  • Receive Support from the Universe through Synchronicity & Abundance

  • Love Yourself and Others Unconditionally

This is the view from our group meeting room!

This is the view from our group meeting room!

“The space held by Mary Ellen and the other participants in the group circle is an incredibly supportive and beautiful complement to the 1-on-1 individual sessions. I was immediately reminded of the power, strength, and unparalleled support which comes from a community of like-minded people with varied backgrounds and in various phases of life coming together for the common goal of true sustainable health, happiness and vitality in all areas of their life. It’s a genuine win-win!” 
Occasionally, for past group programs I add a swim option in the summer :)

Occasionally, for past group programs I add a swim option in the summer :)

Deepening your soul connection is tapping into your inner genius and fully living your soul’s path.

Investment In Your Future Self:

$700. Only $87 per week for this life changing course. See below for 2 payment options:

Pay in one payment of $700:

The Healers Circle- Wednesdays
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If you prefer to pay in 3 installments of $242 (totals $726 instead of $700) let me know and I can setup a recurring payment plan with you.

I cannot put a price tag on how my work with Mary Ellen enabled me to navigate a huge life challenge from a place of calm instead of chaos and the ensuing feeling of freedom that comes from learning how to live an authentic life from the heart of my true essence …golden!


How is this different from a weekend workshop, a week long retreat of other longer online courses?

Through years of experimenting with various group and individual programs, I’ve found that the combination of group & individual support over an 8-week period to be the most effective in creating lasting change. Think of it like the most deeply soul nurturing weekend retreat that keeps going for 2-months! The highly experiential nature as well as the sustained group and individual support provide a real and lasting shift in your life.

The price seems high to me. Can you explain why it is the price it is?

I’ve been on the personal development and spiritual path for over 25 years and have trained and perfected this process. It's rare to experience an immersion like this for 8-weeks with so much individual support. For example, many teachers offer weekends or online programs with little or no 1-on-1 attention. Past participants of other group programs I've offered often report saving years of struggle and huge amounts of money. 

Are there lasting effects beyond the 8-week program?

Yes, the effects are huge. It’s really a paradigm shift to go from your lower self running most of your life to connecting to your higher self and letting your soul lead you. I can’t tell you how many people report back years later that the work we did has changed their lives significantly.

What if I can’t make it all the group sessions?

If you know ahead of time that you'll miss a group session please contact me and I can discount the program to reflect the session you'll miss (please note- this only applies to sessions you know you'll miss ahead of time). Each group session will be recorded so you won’t miss anything. Past participants who missed the group session have reported getting huge value out of listening to the recordings. You will also get filled in by me during our individual sessions.

What if I can't make it to Cold Spring? Is there an online version of this program?

Not right now but there will be. Please email me to get on the waiting list My individual 1-on-1 Soul Alignment Coaching Program is available over skype and phone. 

“I initially came to Mary Ellen because I was curious about her unique spiritual approach to personal growth through her combination of individual and group sessions. I was feeling depleted, defeated and disconnected to myself and my personal relationships at home, work, and within my community. As a result of her easy-going, heart-centered style and deep toolbox of experience, I was able to reconnect to myself on multiple levels and have been left feeling more empowered in all my relationships than I have in years…or possibly ever! ;)
“Thank you for the group of beautiful souls Mary Ellen, you brought us together and we learned, healed and grew in each session, always a beautiful unfolding. I feel very blessed to have a great teacher and the support and inspiration of the entire group; with such a great tool-box it’s so exciting to keep going! As always, thank you for the warmth and magnificent work, you are simply an awesome Beacon of Light and an Inspiration to all of Us!
Mary Ellen has been the most powerful positive force in my life. She nurtures my creative, expressive, joyful inner child and helps me bring that into the present as an empowered woman. She has a truly generous spirit, and her love and sparkle continues to help restore my faith in myself, the world, and the support system that surrounds us if we are open to receiving it. Her guidance is inspired and pragmatic and has affected my life on a daily basis. I am now doing exactly what I am best suited for, in large part because of her. I think of Mary Ellen whenever I hear this quote from Marcel Proust: “Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”
I’ve had the pleasure to learn from Mary Ellen in multiple groups over the course of several years— the results I’ve gotten from working with her have consistently opened more doors to possibilities in my life than I ever could have imagined. She’s helped me through a few rough patches when I’ve been at turning points in my career and in my relationship. By taking her classes things have come into alignment for me with total ease. She has a very grounded presence in which I ultimately feel very safe in. She is capable of taking me on a journey within which has time and time again, led me to new beginnings and answers. My work with Mary Ellen has opened me up substantially to abundance in ways I could not have ever predicted. Her integrity shines through in all that she does. I wholeheartedly recommend Mary Ellen to anyone who feels called to work with her. She is pure magic!

If you're ready to sign up you can pay below. I look forward to connecting with you!

Investment In Your Future Self:

$700. Only $87 per week for this life changing course. See below for 2 payment options:

Pay in one payment of $700:

The Healers Circle- Wednesdays
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Note: once you add an item to your cart please scroll up to the top of the page to see the cart.

If you prefer to pay in 3 installments of $242 (totals $726 instead of $700) let me know and I can setup a recurring payment plan with you.

Schedule your free call here. I look forward to meeting you!