The Healers Expansion Sessions

This is the view from our meeting room.

This is the view from our meeting room.

Sunday: 10/6 from 2pm- 3:30pm (there’s 1 spot left!)

Registration deadline is Wed. 10/2. Register soon to guarantee a spot. If you’re ready to register simply scroll to the bottom of this page.

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Calling all healers and soul-based practitioners (i.e, reiki practitioners, yoga teachers, health and life coaches, massage therapists, therapists, artists, etc.) are you ready to live from your soul consistently, fully own your gifts and express your highest service to others? 

* I believe a healer is anyone who has a deep soul desire to make a positive difference by helping people. Healers show up in all occupations and roles in life. 

When we consistently vibrate at the frequency of our higher self everything else follows.

You may have experienced a deep soul connection and felt the pure joy of tapping into and expressing your soul gifts. When you're connected you have full access to your energy, inner guidance, clarity as well as your true calling to be of service. It's deeply fulfilling to contribute your unique service and help others. Congratulations! 

However, this connection isn't always consistent. Once you’ve experienced this deep soul connection it feels even more painful to settle for anything less. It’s like you have your foot on the gas and on the brake at the same time. The tension of not following your soul’s guidance is very uncomfortable. You may feel disconnected, experience self-doubt, a lack of clarity and inspiration. It's frustrating to feel you're not fully living the life you're meant to live.

It's natural to experience some resistance as you expand and strengthen your connection to your higher self. However, it's not necessary to experience the prolonged tension and discomfort that comes when you continually get in your own way and resist your inner guidance.

I know this challenge all too well since I struggled for years going back and forth experiencing the amazing high vibration of being connected with my higher self and then the pain of feeling disconnected. I'm passionate about helping others avoid this unnecessary struggle. 

Now, years later, I know from my own experience as well as successfully helping others that it's absolutely possible to consistently vibrate at the frequency of your higher self. Only then can you line up with the full greatness of your soul's calling to help others in your unique way. That's true fulfillment.

The Healers Expansion Sessions are powerful ongoing events that are offered to our growing community who have completed The Healers Circle (group plus 1:1) or The Soul Alignment Coaching Program (1:1 program). New participants are welcome to attend up to 3 of these events as an introduction to the deeper programs. They are a wonderful way to continue to strengthen your connection to your higher self while connecting with others in our beautiful and expanding community. Think of it like a gym for your soul connection.

Each meeting includes a guided meditation, a transmission of healing energy, channeled guidance and discussion designed to raise your vibration and expand your soul’s work while releasing resistance. You will receive recordings of the meditation and channeled guidance.

The topics include these aspects of the Soul Alignment Process:

  • Experience Your Higher Self Frequency

  • Re-discover Your Soul Qualities

  • Amplify Your Inner Guidance

  • Disengage from Your Inner Critic

  • Strengthen Your Soul Connection Through Practice

  • Fully Own Your Soul Gifts & Express Them

  • Maintain Strong Energy Boundaries

  • Experience Clarity, Focus and Inspired Action

  • Contribute Your Highest Service

  • Receive Support from the Universe through Synchronicity & Abundance

  • Love Yourself and Others Unconditionally

Each group meeting is intimate and has anywhere from 5- 10 people in attendance.

Each group meeting is intimate and has anywhere from 5- 10 people in attendance.

Pre-payment ($50 each group meeting) is required to reserve your spot. One reason is that space is limited and sometimes fills up (or to guarantee a minimum of 5 per group). Another reason is that there's a powerful benefit to committing in advance.

Please sign up as early as possible to guarantee a seat. Click the pay button below and select the dates that you’d like to attend. There’s a VIP option for each event to include individual sessions.

Sunday: 10/6 from 2pm- 3:30pm (register by Wed. 10/2)

* Mark your calendar for the next in-depth 2-month Healers Circle that begins Wednesday, October 2nd with a 2nd option that meets Sundays beginning October 20th.

“The space held by Mary Ellen and the other participants in the group circle is an incredibly supportive and beautiful complement to the 1-on-1 individual sessions. I was immediately reminded of the power, strength, and unparalleled support which comes from a community of like-minded people with varied backgrounds and in various phases of life coming together for the common goal of true sustainable health, happiness and vitality in all areas of their life. It’s a genuine win-win!” 

These beautiful events are held at our private Cold Spring Retreat House (address given upon registration).

The Healers Expansion Sessions- Sundays
Healers Expansion Session:
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