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You’re invited to Amplify Your Soul’s Guidance, a powerful workshop for healers and soul-based practitioners (i.e, reiki practitioners, yoga teachers, health and life coaches, massage therapists, therapists, artists, etc.) to to fully own their gifts and amplify their service.

* I believe a healer is anyone who has a deep soul desire to make a positive difference by helping people. Healers show up in all occupations and roles in life. 

When we consistently vibrate at the frequency of our higher self everything else follows.

Only then can you line up with the full greatness of your soul's calling to help others in your unique way. That's true fulfillment.

This workshop includes a guided meditation, a transmission of healing energy and discussion to energetically strengthen your connection to your higher self. You will leave feeling more centered and clear on your next steps.

Sign up below to reserve your spot. Fee is $35 in advance and $40 drop-in.

Amplify Your Soul's Guidance
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*** Invitation: My free online workshop series 3 Steps to Consistent Soul Alignment began Tuesday and was really fun! If you're interested in joining us we meet the next 2 Tuesdays, 5/21 Clear Inner Guidance & 5/28 Re-Discover Your Soul Qualities from 1pm- 1:45pm. When you sign up you will receive the replay from this week. The topic was Strong Energy Boundaries and the replay link includes an audio recording guided meditation to strengthen your energy boundaries along with bonus homework.

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I look forward to connecting!


Mary Ellen