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Sunday, July 29th

11am- 12:30pm

Rose Healing Center

171 Sixteenth Street Verplanck, NY

Experience the powerful energy of your higher self. When you align with your higher self you experience more joy, clarity, creativity, love, balance and abundance in your life. You easily discern the difference between your intuition and your limiting beliefs. You step into the divine flow of the universe and experience the magic of synchronicity on a regular basis. 

There will be a grounding meditation, channeled soul guidance and a transmission of healing energy. Mary Ellen has been channeling her guides for over 12 years. The guidance is loving and wise with an added sense of humor. In addition to the high vibration messages, you will experience a profound healing energy. From recent participants: "It was AMAZING! If you open your heart, soul, you will feel the energy & connection to your higher self! Incredible!", and "I haven't felt energy this strong in years, the waves of energy keep coming” and “I feel energized and grounded at the same time- what a wonderful experience”.

Fee is $40 in advance- please pay below. Advance sign-up required since space is limited to 8 people. If it's not sold-out the fee is $45 the day of (requires rsvp). 

Align With Your Higher Self- 7/29
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If you're called to more in-depth work, I'm excited to announce the Soul Alignment Coaching Program, a powerful 1-1 coaching program to disconnect from limiting beliefs and connect with your true essence more consistently.