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Higher Self Connecting Circle- 

This powerful program will help you shift your vibration so you can create a life you love. Over 2 months, there will be 4 group meetings every other week (see dates above) and 4 individual 50- minute coaching sessions (based on your schedule via phone or in-person). This effective combination of group and individual support as well as the focused attention over 8 weeks will help you make a significant vibrational shift. There's a difference between knowing something conceptually and experiencing it energetically in your body. Allow yourself to receive the support of a loving group as well as an experienced teacher, healer and coach. This program can eliminate years of unnecessary struggle.

Group Meetings: Each group meeting will focus on a specific subject (see below) and will include a grounding meditation, self-discovery exercises and group discussions. Topics include: 

* Inner Guidance vs. Limiting Thoughts

* Discovering Your True Essence

Tuning into the Law of Attraction and Raising Your Vibration

* Expressing Your Higher Self in All Areas of Your Life

If you need to miss a group session they will each be recorded and you will receive a review during your individual session. 

Individual Coaching Sessions:

The program includes four 50-minute sessions over the phone, skype or in-person in Cold Spring. These sessions are tailored to the individual and in addition to the group topics can focus on career, work/life balance, relationships, abundance, spiritual growth and intuitive development.

Investment In Your Future Self: 

$700 (paid in full or 3 payments of $234) includes 4 group sessions and 4 individual coaching sessions. It's an average of only $87 a week for this life changing program. 

It's a unique and powerful program that can help you make profound and lasting changes in your life. Close the gap between where you are and where you'd like to be with the loving support of like-minded people in a beautiful environment. Space is limited to 10 participants to maintain an intimate group setting.

From recent participants:

"I am deeply grateful for the soul-nurturing and life-empowering experience! Thank you for shining your bright and beautiful light! Your innate wisdom, pure loving and joyful essence resonates with and nurtures our own :-)"

" Thank you for the group of beautiful souls Mary Ellen, you brought us together and we learned, healed and grew in each session, always a beautiful unfolding. I feel very blessed to have a great teacher and the support and inspiration of the entire group; with such a great tool-box it's so exciting to keep going! As always, thank you for the hospitality, warmth and magnificent work, you are simply an awesome Beacon of Light and an Inspiration to all of Us!"

Space is limited to 10 participants. I'd be happy to schedule a free call to go over any questions you have. To reserve your spot please pay below.  Or to arrange payment by paypal or check email me at or call (845) 202-1717. 

Pay in full below or select the payment option to pay in 3 installments. You will receive a reminder email when each installment is due. Or if you prefer to pay via check or paypal we can set that up.

Higher Self Connecting Circle
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