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Join us for a short yet powerful workshop to deepen your connection to your higher self. There will be a guided meditation, a self-discovery exercise and discussion. This workshop is designed for you to energetically experience your higher self. When centered in this way, you have greater access to your inner guidance, aliveness and inspiration.

Note: Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a mat & cushion to sit on (or you can use the studio's).

Saturday, January 20th from 2:30- 4pm

PranaMoon Yoga at the Hat Factory

1000 North Division Street Peekskill, NY

$30 in advance, $35 drop-in

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Mary Ellen O’Brien, CPCC, is a Workshop Leader and Intuitive Coach. She’s developed a unique process using a combination of coaching and intuitive skills to help people awaken their true essence and experience more joy, balance and fulfillment in their lives. Through a variety of exercises, she guides people to overcome limiting beliefs and to clearly receive the wisdom of their inner guidance. They align with the energy of their higher self and effortlessly attract ideas, people, places and opportunities that match their soul's path. They experience the magic of synchronicity on a regular basis. 

Click here for a free 10-minute energy connecting meditation to help you stay centered throughout the holidays.