Join us for an Advanced Higher Self Circle:

Sundays: 6/24, 7/8, 7/22 & 8/5 from 2pm- 3:30pm at our Cold Spring Retreat House


Experience more joy, fulfillment, balance & synchronicity while connecting with like-minded friends. This advanced circle will include guided meditations, channeled guidance with a transmission of healing energy and discussion designed for you to deepen and maintain your soul connection. 

Group Sessions: We'll go to the next level of the original topics: 

  • Inner Critic vs. Inner Guidance
  • Discovering Your True Essence
  • Tapping into the Law of Attraction
  • Expressing Your True Essence in All Areas of Your Life

We'll explore these new topics (more may be added):

  • Receive Clear Inner Guidance and Gain Trust Through Acting On It
  • Develop Unwavering Inner Strength, Resilience & Confidence
  • Amplify Momentum While Releasing Resistance
  • Narrow & Direct Your Creative Focus (too many ideas disperses the power of attraction)
  • Find Self-Appreciation, Forgiveness & Compassion
  • Cultivate Compassion for Others and Their Soul Qualities

Individual Coaching/Healing Sessions:

The program includes four 50-minute sessions over the phone, skype or in-person in Cold Spring. These sessions are a combination of healing/coaching that will strengthen your connection to your higher self. The sessions can focus on career, work/life balance, relationships, abundance, spiritual growth and intuitive development.

Investment In Your Future Self: 

$700 (paid in full or 3 payments of $234) includes 4 group sessions and 4 individual coaching sessions. It's an average of only $88 a week for this life changing program. If you'd like to create a unique payment plan let me know. 

Higher Self Connecting Circle
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I would be thrilled to have you join us. Let me know if you have any questions at all and we can set up a free phone call to go over them. I look forward to connecting soon.


Mary Ellen